13 Fun Ways To Playfully Tease A Girl

(Disclaimer: Exercise common sense when applying these teases… When done well in the right context and situation, it can create immense attraction and bring your conversation to the next level. It’s fun and shows her that you’re able to enjoy yourself so she can do the same. 13 fun ways to playfully tease a girl will completely change the responses you get from the opposite sex!)

Women love to be teased by the right guy, no matter if they are age 7 to 77. 

Try these out in either text, or in person. They all work when you deliver them correctly!

#1. Threaten To Sell Her To Afghan For 2 Camels

When she does something that is unacceptable to your standards:

“That’s it… this isn’t working out. I’m selling you to Afghanistan for 2 camels.”

#2. Fail Her For Being Naughty

Similar to #1:

“You’ve been a really bad girl. Go to my room.”

#3. Reward Her With 5 Gold Stars

When she does something worthy of praise:

“You’re such an angel. For that, you have earned 5 gold stars from me.”

#4. Offer To Buy Her A Happy Meal

Similar to #3:

“Well done, girl! For that, you deserve a Happy Meal. I’m keeping the toy!”

#5. Offer To Buy Her A Childhood Drink

A very different way to invite her to hangout with you:

“Let’s go grab a Vitagen/ Yakult/ Ribena at 7-11, climb trees, and watch silly kids at the playground.”

#6. Give Her A High Five And Miss

Pretend to offer a high-five when she does something worthy of praise, then miss her hand on purpose, or playfully turn your back on her when she’s about to connect with your hand.

“You look so cute when you fall for this old trick!”

Then give her a quick hug and let it go.

#7. Pretend To Read Her Palm

Ask her if she’s had her palm read… then frown and pause while reading the palm a few times. When she asks “what’s wrong?”

“You see this deep line here that goes across this area…? That means you’re going to end up working in KFC for the rest of your life.”

#8. Call Her Powerpuff Girl / Pink Ranger / Dora the Explorer

Give her a nickname that is relatively popular and well-known. Depends on her childhood memories, and also her current age group/demographics.

“OMG you are so cute, I’m calling you my personal Powerpuff Girl / Pink Ranger/ Dora the Explorer (Sexploder.. for more sexual teasing)”

#9. Accuse Her Of Being Dirty-Minded 

If she so much as looks at your chest or glances below your ab area:

“Hey, stop staring. You keep treating me like some sex object. I have feelings too. Please, girl. Slow down.”

#10. Fire Her From Your Employee List

If she does #1…

“That’s it… i’ve had enough of your ways. You’re fired from my staff roll. No more CPF for you either.”

#11. Stereotype Her

Depending on her job, or her background or interest:

“Ohhhh… you’re one of those girls…. you know what they say about them… sigh… *shake your head* “

#12. Mimic A Particular Mannerism Of Her’s

Everyone has some kind of mannerism that is either cute, annoying, or noticeable. When you do it, exaggerate it with more acting and intensity, with a cheeky smile and have fun with it.

#13. Call Her Your Bratty Little Sister

Again, when she “misbehaves”:

“That’s it, you little brat. I’m gonna tell mum that you’re misbehaving again. No wifi for you this week!”

In Closing

Playful teasing comes down to enjoying yourself and creating a playful interaction. The examples are merely guidelines, and can be your “training wheels” until you start to generate your own ideas based on your personality.

Take some calculated gambles — the guys who always play it safe and converse or interact with boring stuff… usually go home alone.

Tip: Don’t look at her hoping for a response like a doggie-dinner-bowl look.

She won’t give it when she knows you care too much about having a positive outcome.

Just do it matter-of-factly… Works best!

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