3 Simple Lifestyle Tips That Will Change Your Game

If you are the sort of man, seeking a lifestyle that is active, high-social value, and potentially game-changing to your quality of life, you will want to consider the followingĀ 3 simple lifestyle tips will change your game.

#1. Pick Wisely Who You Hangout With

The famous saying goes: “You are the average of your 5 closest friends”.

The same goes at work, play, and every aspect of life.

If you want to be a millionaire, start hanging around people who have drive, ambition, and passion to chase their dreams and make it happen.

If you want to date hot girls, then hang around guys who seem to have hot girls around them all the time (but not using methods of purely money, wrong type of girls get attracted.)

Regardless, it is wise to be selective who gets your time and energy.

want a challenge, not a pushover or needy guy who reeks of desperation to get laid.

#2. Actively Review “Your Social Circle” And It’s Progress

Aside from “diamonds are forever”… things in life evolve and keep changing.

“The only constant is change.”… So get used to change and always be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Those who become comfortable and resist change, will eventually lack behind, and see things fall apart as the world moves forward with or without you.

If you actively work on progress and improvements every single day, it’s not 30% improvement a month.

It’s compounded interest.

You do the math.

want a challenge, not a pushover or needy guy who reeks of desperation to get laid.

#3. Always Ensure It Isn’t Just About You

Here’s a refreshing piece of news…


If you make it a win-win-win situation for everyone, you not only are seen as a giver, yet at the same time, someone who always seeks to give positive value to all others around you.

Takers may look like they win in the short-term, but study the world and you find that the top 5% are true givers.

Always think… “What’s in it for him/her?”

But also remember to preserve your own self-interest and match up to balance it off.

One is either treated like a king, or paid like one.

Failing either option… it falls apart sooner or later.


Simple tips?

Not hard to do if you are now aware of them, and constantly seek to set good standards for yourself, review the progress, and give positive value back to your circle of influences!

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