5 Easy Ways To Be A True Alpha Male

(Disclaimer: This may not apply if you live on Mars, or do not subscribe to the “norms” of modern-day society. What’s Alpha to one, may be Beta or a Foxtrot to another.)

These days, the term “alpha” male gets thrown around a lot. And many people have different perceptions of what it means to be an Alpha male.

I shall attempt to define my personal version… and provide 5 easy ways to be a true Alpha male, in today’s context.

#1.Sort Out Your Finances

This is one of the major areas that affect a man’s self-worth, in today’s harsh reality.

Unless you’ve got the skills like Deuce Bigolo: Male Gigolo… it’s high time to reflect on your own financial situation, and make good plans and execute them.

Women hate cheap men, and in most part, you should at least be able to take care of yourself when you hit the streets to have a good time, or have your own life in order to pay your bills on time.

Don’t be that el cheapo dude who tries to sneak into clubs on ladies’ nite, and get the girls to get drinks for you. They may do it out of sympathy, but they will definitely have zero respect for you.

If you have to sacrifice your play-time for money, do it.

There’s plenty of ways to make money these days.

It used to be all about hard work and hours put in, and manual labour.

Today… even kids as young as 10-14 are making money legitimately online using social media tools, affiliate marketing, selling stuff on eBay, Amazon, writing e-Books, building membership websites, or every other imaginable form, etc.

If you need ideas, have a look at kickstarter.com

Learn to build assets that produce active and passive income.

No excuses here. There’s a wealth of info and your best friend is Google and YouTube.

Just beware of online scams that promise fast money and guaranteed returns.

 #2. Invest In Yourself 

Most people feel that the world owes them a living.

Blame is always on the government, their parents, the education system, their friends, and even the cute little Pokemon plushie for sale at the nearest toy store.

Start investing in yourself.

Find areas of interest to develop skills in, and pick up valuable knowledge that can also be converted to active/passive cashflow streams.

Similar to point #1, once you start learning and investing in yourself, you begin to build assets and valuable skill.

With that, you begin to open new doors to new possibilities and opportunities in life.

Think BIG.

I highly recommend “The Magic of Thinking Big” & “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind“.

Scoff and laugh if you must, but these are fundamental concepts that have made millions and billions for those serious to step up their own game in life.

If you are adamant to strive for lifelong learning, then you are going to be stuck where you are, and likely remain there for as long as you deserve.

Successful people always keep learning and implementing that knowledge.

 3. Have A Life Purpose

When you have a strong WHY, you will find ways to move mountains.

Most people in life, generally have a lack of direction in life.

They see what others do, and follow without questioning.

Even when what others do is uncomfortable, or not ideal towards a quality way of life.

Humans are generally a giving lot of creatures.

We want to do something worthy, and leave a legacy to be remembered for, long after we depart this world.

Without a strong purpose in life… you end up just like a helpless drowning man in the rapids, heading towards the waterfalls… and before you know it, you’re finished.

This isn’t about religion.

This is about what you want to achieve in your own life, and to not live a life of regrets and “what if… I wished I did… if only I had…”


 4. Build A Worthy Network

Successful people not only build wealth… they build NETWORKS.

When the power of action-taking individuals come together to form a synergistic network… the results are limitless potential limited only by the human mind.

Think about it for a second… how did the greatest inventions in our world come about?

It never was the effort of one single man, but a team of highly-driven people who had a strong why, a deep belief, and conviction, that together, they can achieve something far greater than they possibly could by themselves.

This is how skyscrapers are built, space travel is achieved, and how civilization has evolved to the technology we have today.

Start identifying worthy alliances, and strategic partners that you want in your life.

When you work on points #1, #2, & #3… this will naturally begin to happen to you.

Open your eyes. Stay sharp. Be selective. Have standards.

If you choose to hang around millionaires, you will take on their beliefs and actions sooner or later.

“Either you chillout with the pigs and eat crap, or take flight and soar with the eagles.” ~ Another Wise Dude.

 5. Give Back And Contribute

What’s the use of hoarding millions of dollars in your bank and getting interest on them?

You can’t take it to the next place after death.

What’s important is to make your purpose in life something worthy of remembrance, and to contribute back to make our world a better place.

Did you know that Richard Branson of Virgin… started giving back as early as 15 years of age? He didn’t wait till he made millions to do so. Read more about Richard Branson’s story.

When you give back, you begin to learn from new experiences.

When you give back, either freely or with a win-win mentality for everyone, you become known as a giver.

I encourage you to have a look at http://freecycle.org … it has 900 million users worldwide, many whom started as “takers”, and ended up giving more than they ever thought they would. And with that, they open up new doors in life, and have their own special epiphanies.

Yes, you get free shit without paying a dime. Stuff includes free laptops, furniture, and all kinds of stuff that can be paid for with good money.

Other forms of giving include volunteering (societies, animals, etc), or building communities in different niches, etc. Teach a skill that you have to others who can benefit from it and progress in their lives.

Find your own style.

In Closing

Start reflecting on your own life right now, and determine what needs “fixing”.

We can never be 100% perfect and contented in life, but we can always be grateful and appreciative for what we already have, and at the same time, strive for improvements to make the world a better place.

Start becoming a true Alpha male.

It’s a matter of choice.

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