5 Easy Ways To Get Ripped This Year

(Disclaimer: Check with doctors before starting any health or fitness programme. The 5 Easy Ways To Get Ripped This Year is a guideline, and not laws of the universe.)

Most people give tons of excuses when it comes to building muscle.

E.g. “No time”, “no money”, “I can’t lose weight”, “I can’t put on weight”, “have to feed the cat”, etc…

Here’s 5 easy ways to get ripped this year, if you put your mind to it and say “I’ve had enough. Time to change!”

#1 Eat The Right Stuff

Junk food like pizza, french fries, coke, beer, and everything crazy tasty… has lots of “healthy” vegetable oils, unhealthy salt, processed sugars, and are horrible to your ideal physique.

They not only obstruct you from your 6 pack abs, but are waiting to give you chronic diseases when you get older… all at once.

Learn to eat right. It’s not easy of course, but if it was, everyone would be winning Mr Olympia.

There’s always healthier alternatives.

You can cheat and eat junk once a week, that’s fine.

#2. Train Hard

Most people hit the gym to chat with friends, check their phones all the time, watch the TV, or watch others grill it out.

Have a plan and just train hard for 30-40 mins max.

If you cheat yourself from not giving your best, the one that gets no results would be you!

What’s the point of traveling to gym or to the exercise corner, and taking a selfie to show people you “worked out”?

That’s just a big lie.


#3. Get Enough Rest

The real secret to muscle building, is to first of all, break the muscle down with a focused exertion, then give it the nutrition it really needs, and get enough rest so it can grow stronger and bigger!

You simply can’t overtrain and do hardcore 7 days in a row.

Some people train way too much, to failure, with bad form, etc.. and end up hurting themselves with long recovery times.

That’s not how it works.

Make sure you have uninterrupted deep sleep at night, in a dark room with minimal or no lighting.

Recommended 7-8 hours at least.

#4. Good Form Is King

It’s the same with any skill in human history.

If you don’t get your basics right, you’re wasting your time training it.

There’s a reason why personal instructors are around to help.

Get your form checked and corrected.

The last thing you want is to perfect the wrong thing, and end up hurting yourself in the long run, or building the wrong way!

#5. Find Your “Why”

Most people will never get around to having a healthy lifestyle.

There’s just too much work involved.

But at the end of the day, these same people hate themselves for not taking action.

Watch YouTube videos, get inspired.

When your “WHY” is solid… the “HOW” will show itself thru various ways.

Simply search videos with “fitness motivation” as keyword… and watch them every single day.

Condition your mind to see visuals of what you really want, and the mind will find ways to give you answers and lead you in that direction over time.

Here’s some wise advice to really get ripped FAST:


That’s it! 5 easy ways to get ripped this year… all you have to do now, is plan the battles, and fight the war!

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