5 Lies Dating Apps Will Never Reveal To You

(Disclaimer: The contents here are not meant to discourage users, but rather to bring awareness that they exist. Much of the internet is simply not trustworthy, especially when it comes to credit cards, and personal info. Be safe or be sorry!)

Here’s 5 lies dating apps will never reveal to you, simply because it’s your own responsibility to be aware of them, and take the necessary precautions when using them.

#1. Fake Profiles

F*cebook may claim to have a billion users… but that also includes people who own multiple accounts, for the purpose of internet marketing, business, or just to troll. A guy can be pretending to be a hot girl, or impersonating someone else.

Avoid accepting strange requests, or giving out any personal information to such unverifiable accounts and profiles.

#2. Scammers and Con-Artists

With the proliferation of social media sites, online dating apps, and all kinds of wonderful new ways to connect people across the globe.. you end up with some West-African con-artist posing as a bank manager who’s looking to send you millions of dollars, or some guy posing as a hot chick getting you to buy her an iTunes gift card.

It’s all too common these days.

If they ask you to strip, or give out confidential info, don’t do it!

#3. Pay To Message

Some models will allow you to sign up for free… and tempt you with beautiful pictures of other female users.

Some will actually allow you to message these women for free.

But most of them at the end of the day, will require some kind of subscription service, to “improve” your chances, or allow you to send a proper message, etc.

#4. Userbase Are Largely Men

Majority of real profiles are usually men, with real women being the minority, and as a much smaller percentage.

You are effectively looking to chat with either fake profiles, con-artists, or competing with all the other men to talk to a really tiny handful of genuine women. And in many cases that go unreported, these women are looking for something fast… but it certainly isn’t sex with a stranger like you.

See what these women do to men who are willing to pay… but it’s not for sex!

#5. Privacy and UCLA

Most people will never bother to read the User Agreement warnings, and simply provide tons of information that can easily be sold to 3rd parties… which will explain why you get tons of junk unsolicited mails to your inbox.

Be sure to protect yourself by setting your email preferences, to filter out junk mails.

There is simply no way to prevent these companies from selling your info, and the only definitive way is to abstain from the internet altogether.




Be safe on the internet.

Criminals are a lot more tech-savvy these days… and the sex-trade or “sex-sells” gimmick… is what causes a lot of men, to get into serious trouble on the internet.

Take most of the stuff you see, read, or people you interact with, with a whole bag of salt.

And make sure you tell your close friends the same thing.

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