7 Essential Grooming Tips For Asian Men

(Disclaimer: Most women in general prefer men with clean and well-shaven features. If you are sporting more than the “standard” amount of hair, you are expected to know how to take good care of it, or just save yourself the hassle and go with what works.)

Attractive women expect their men to be relatively well-groomed.

How you take care of yourself is also a simple reflection to how you manage your life.

The world judges you in 2 seconds on-sight.

A Chinese saying goes:

“There are no ugly women…  just lazy women.” ~ Some Wise Dude.

Same goes for men.

It’s sexy to be metro.

It’s sloppy to be sloppy.


#1 Maintain Your Hairstyle Every 2 Weeks.

If you keep your hair short, it’s best to have a trim every 2 weeks or so.

Waiting one entire month can cramp the style, and disrupt the original intended look.

Find a balance between cost-effective, and maintainability.

You don’t want to be spending $40-200 every 2 weeks just to upkeep your looks.

Unless you can afford to.

It’s still not something you want to extravagantly spend on, when there are other areas money can be better utilized.

#2 Hair Everywhere Else

Nose hairs sticking out are the worst offenders… followed by ear hair (yes, it exists).

Trim them often. That’s what mirrors are for.

I recommend shaving pubic hair, as it’s definitely a lot more hygienic, and makes your tool look longer and larger than it is.

Body hair, if you have them, best to have them waxed off. If you wish to keep them, just make sure they don’t look like Blanka from Street Fighter.


Facial hair, is a personal preference. If you wish to have a younger and boyish look, having a clean shave is ideal. You don’t see A&F models with tons of facial hair. And women go ga-ga over them.

If you wish to have beards, moustaches or goatees, make sure it matches your hairstyle as well.

#3. Deodorants And Colognes

Deodorants exists to prevent bad smells from your underarm regions.

Use them… or body sprays.

Body sprays will definitely conflict with colognes… so pick one or the other.

Not both.

It’s not hard to google up “top colognes mens” and get a list of the trendy and classic popular picks.

Women make the effort to smell great… and so do you.

If you are perpetually smelling like a gym rat everywhere you go from regular sweat, you’re turning off a lot of people everywhere you go.

Get a handy cologne diffuser to have a small supply on standby, so you can often touch up and never smell bad.

#4. Oral Hygiene

Obviously, bad breath stinks.

Most people have no clue, since you won’t even notice if you have bad breath or not.

Definitely brush, and rinse with a decent product daily.

If you have to, bring along a small bottle of mouth rinse to touch up easily in the gents, when you are out. Concentrated solutions can easily be stored in a tiny bottle that’s easy to bring around.

And definitely have breath mints (ideally sugar-free), with you at all times.

Rinse every time you have a meal or a bite. It’s unsightly to have food sticking in between your teeth.

If you floss daily, all the better.

#5. Skin Care

Depending on how picky you want to be with skin care, you can choose to be simple, to complicated.

The standard cleanser, toner and moisturizer are the basics of facial care.

Some men just make do with basic facial cleansers, while others with oily skin or dry skin will probably need to use toners and moisturizers to compensate.

If in doubt, ask the assistant at the store.

Bad acne and facial skin is a sign of bad diet as well, and certainly something that can be prevented, and taken care of.

Your face is your branding.

What are you selling?

#6. Hair Products & Hairstyles

Depending on your hairstyle, you may prefer using wax, or gel.

Hairsprays should also be considered for your style’s need.

There’s a ton of different hairstyles you can choose from, so get advice from your stylist.

If in doubt, simply google for “mens hairstyles 2015” and you’ll find a whole page of images to look through, and find something you’d like to try for yourself.

Some stylists will recommend certain shampoo and conditioners, and some will suggest avoiding conditioners if you have an oily scalp.

Don’t wait till you’re 35 and start to bald because you didn’t take proper care of it when you had the chance.

Maintenance lasts a lifetime.

Finishing Touches

“Good looks” means nothing, when you are not well-groomed and stylish-looking.

Make sure you are presenting yourself in the best way possible when you are out, because the society we live in, judges others harshly, and treats you accordingly to stereotypes.

If you want a “hot chick”, you first got to be a “hot stud”.

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