7 Reasons Why Men Do Not Get Second Chances With Women

(Disclaimer: For most men… it will be painful reading this… and it’s meant to be. Wake up to reality, or just keep doing what hasn’t worked your whole life. Your life, your choice!)

#1. Worshipping Her Like A Goddess

Women want to feel feminine and sexy, but not feel like they are being worshipped only for their looks, and not given any credit for their personality and uniqueness.

She barely knows you… and you are pulling out all the big guns to impress her at the first meeting, to serve her every whim and fancy or request. She naturally assumes you treat all women this way. Not something a man of worth or value would do right off-the-bat.

Quality girls want to be appreciated for their true personality, and their achievements in life, not just their physical outlook and modern society’s standards of “beauty”.

Yes, they take the time to look good, but that’s only one part of it.

Those who want to be worshipped like a goddess usually have inner security issues… so “buyers beware”.

#2. Not Stylish Nor Well-Groomed

Sloppy guys tend to be sloppy lovers in bed too. Got nose and ear hair sticking out? That’s really cool looking. Looking like you have no clue about style or fashion? Wearing uncoordinated colours?

She isn’t going to feel proud standing next to you, genius.

Would you be proud to date a girl who’s sloppy, doesn’t workout, nor take care of herself in every imaginable way?

Girls want some eye-candy too, as an ego boost to show off their partners off to their friends and the public.

#3. Only Caring About Her Looks & Only Interested In Sex

It’s all about her boobs and ass, eh? Well guess what… you’re not getting any. She’s not a hooker nor prostitute just for sex and your manly desires.

Girls definitely LOVE talking about sex… but definitely not with you.. cos it’s weird, sleazy, and just feels completely creepy.

Stop trying those sexual innuendos when her face is already cringing with pain, and eyes rolling till they are popping out.

If she’s not already attracted to you, nothing you say in this area will turn you into a chick magnet.

Too fast too furious (especially with dirty talk) is reserved for the big screen and Paul Walker. Not you.

#4. Brags About His Life & “Achievements”

Yeah… keep talking about that awesome high-paying job that lets you travel everywhere business class, the expensive car you drive, and the countries that you visited.

Keep talking as if you belong to the top 1% of wealthy people on this planet. Oh wait… she’s not listening.. she’s busy texting someone more interesting, or interested in her life.

If you haven’t realized by now… the world is filled with billions of people.

You aren’t the main attraction.

Time to stop talking so much and actually listen to her and her outlook of life. 2 ears to listen… 1 mouth to speak is for good reason.

#5. Boring & Predictable Like The Other 99 Guys

Most guys interrogate the girl …better than the CIA/KGB/MI6/FBI… when they first meet her.

They ask boring question after boring question, thinking it helps to build some kind of rapport.

Problem is… every other guy is doing the same thing.

She’s sick of that routine, and immediately classifies you as one of “those guys”. What makes you stand out?

That’s exactly why she prefers the excitement and adventure from guys who are edgy, unpredictable, and have that hint of bad-boy feel.

Nice guys don’t finish last. They never started.

Same old, same old. Where to go? An exciting “movies and dinner” date… to you.

You asked her out so she can lead you on a date? You’re the man, not wearing the skirt and panties.

99% of men are not memorable to her. Same shit repeated over and over.

She filters that out really fast. She’s learned to!

Ain’t no girl’s got time for repetitive and boring stuff in life.

#6. Emotional Baggage From Past Failed Relationships

On the first meet, you’re blabbering and sobbing about how badly affected the last breakup was for you, and how bitchy that last ex was? Or how long ago it was since you last dated anything remotely female?

Sounding like a woman-hater with keywords that sound pissed and anger towards women?

Red flag raised and major waving in her face.

She runs… very quickly and faster than a ninja can say Naruto.

#7. Nothing To Offer In Terms Of Lifestyle

After work, all you do is go get a beer, or head home and watch some TV… or worse, addicted to online games like DOTA or LOL.

So what else have you got going on in your life besides your dead-beat job and boring-ass “lifestyle” of watching TV or mobile phone games?

Your idea of an exciting date is a 2-hour long movie (hoping to find conversation topics), and an extremely awkward dinner (read: job interview) date.

So what makes it appealing to hang out with you, really?

There’s plenty of men out there (who are also talking to her) with money too, if that’s what you’re thinking that you have… and probably more attractive lifestyle options.

Sorry, bro. Next better guy.

Bonus Reason #8. Too Calculative With Money

Sure, perhaps she makes good money at work, but if 99 cents or a few bucks is a big deal to you… you aren’t a big deal to her anymore too.

Splitting the bill down to GST and cents? Singaporeans call it “kiam kannah“.

It’s not about paying her way, but it’s the guy’s mentality towards money.

Girls HATE such cheap men.


There’s really 100 other reasons why most men don’t get a second chance with women… but we think these 7 are probably the most sinful mistakes that absolutely promises that the guy does NOT get a second date, and the woman flakes or ignores him for eternity on future texts.

It’s not rocket science anymore after reading this, right?

I hope some men out there reading this… have finally woken up from their deluded world and learned something from it.

Red pills are harder to take, but that’s just how the world really works.

Tough love!

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