How To Be A Nice Guy And Still Get The Girl In Singapore

(Disclaimer: Nice guys or jerks, are simply objective terms, based on individual beliefs, upbringing, and situational life influences. In this article, we will explore how to be a nice guy and still get the girl. Don’t be a jerk.)

Nice Guys Finish Last?

Tired of being in the FRIEND-ZONE all the time?

Doing all kinds of “nice” things for the girl and she goes for the other guy?

She calls you a “brother” and gives you all kinds of excuses why it isn’t the right time for her to be in a relationship?

Most men who experience this global phenomenon, struggle on a daily basis, with very little proven help.

It damages their confidence, self-esteem, and reinforces their beliefs that they are not worthy of women in general.

It affects everything in their lives.

So What’s The Solution?

It’s not exactly rocket science, but a man must understand female psychology and how they think, to be able to play this dating game.

If you don’t know the traffic rules, it’s pointless to give you a Ferrari and let you loose on the roads, true?

All the drivers will avoid you!

Here’s a few simple guidelines to be a great guy..

#1. Be Fun, Not Boring And Predictable.

Girls just want to have fun. It’s universal. And guys are meant to be the fun providers, especially right from the very start. Otherwise, she will quickly move on to find someone else who is fun and can provide her with the emotions that she is seeking in a man-woman relationship. Predictable behaviour is extremely boring to women.

#2. Be A Challenge, But Not Distant & Aloof

Sure, be willing to offer her simple help, but make sure you ask for a reward. If she needs a favour done, insist that you will either “charge her $99.90 plus tax” for it, or she can give you a well-deserved shoulder-rub for your massive effort. Tell her at times she needs to be put in her place, but at the same time, compliment her for being a confident person who goes for what she wants. Think of it as a cat-string situation.

#3. Be A Tease, Appeal To Her Little-Girl-At-Heart

Girls will be girls. No matter her age. From 7 to 77, they enjoy being teased playfully by words and by actions. Make her feel young, and she will always enjoy your company. The key here is to be playful-teasing, not downright mean, sarcastic, rude.

#4. Make Her Laugh With You, Not At You

Self-deprecating humour when done with solid confidence, is extremely sexy to women. They know you are not serious about it, yet are cool enough to do it as a form of self-amusement. Create private jokes between the two of you and form silly role-plays that she can bring out her drama-side into without judgement.

#5. Have An Active & Busy Lifestyle, But Include Her

If you’ve only just met her… she can’t possibly be that important in your life, to have you drop all other priorities to cater to her every whim and fancy. She will simply disrespect you for allowing her to step all over you.

Ensure that you have your life filled with productive activities and social life (with other women and men), and then offer to include her in some of them, if she “behaves” herself with you.

#6. Be Comfortable With Physical Touching

This is a huge one.

Men who are comfortable with taking her hand with a strong intent, and using deeper eye contact during a man-woman interaction, will trigger feelings and emotions in her that will put him in the lover zone. Confident physical touching activates her primal brain to feel very powerful emotions. But make sure you don’t do creepy touching and come across as a needy weirdo. It has to be done right.

Repeat: Do not be a creepy pervert or it’s GAME OVER.

You’ve been warned on this one!


None of the above constitutes being a jerk.

A nice guy can still do all that, and get the girl.

They are in fact, proven methods of natural basic attraction that all women seek unconsciously.

Men must lead confidently.

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