What Are These Hot Girls Really Made Of?

(Disclaimer: While this article attempts to unravel the mysteries of the female mind, it’s typically a generalization and “stereotyped” outlook on women in modern society. What’s true for one person, may not be true for another. You be the judge!)

“Pretty” girls and “hot” women have it really rough in today’s world.

They are instantly (and often harshly) judged by people everywhere they go, because they stand out from others, based on their public appearance.

And when people judge, it’s not necessarily a kind thought.

Most often, the thoughts of most men go along the lines of “high maintenance”, “bitchy”, “cold and unfriendly”, “must have a ton of suitors”, “has to be in a relationship”, “only will be with men who have money”, “cheap sluts”, “out of my league”, “all looks, no brains”, etc.

How often do we look past such superficial outward appearances, and really take a moment to think in their positions, and feel what it’s like to be them for a day?

The truth is… the world runs on sex. 

The trade itself is as old as time.

All men (and women too) express their desires in different varying degrees.

To this extend, “hot girls” today have to deal with a host of problems that plague them daily.

Hit On By Men All The Time

Be it personal or work life, they are constantly being hit on by men everywhere.

Either by colleagues, bosses, and the random stranger trying his luck on the streets, or often at social scenes like clubs or pubs.

Their phones or online profiles are constantly bombarded by requests by men to add them, for chats, hangout, dates, drinks, offers for jobs, etc.

99% of them sound the same. It’s usually the underlying message of “you’re so hot… I’m only interested to sleep with you, and nothing else. So this is my way of trying to get in your pants.

Can you imagine yourself in a situation like this?

Why would a girl even bother with most men who seem to fall into this category?

Assumptions Made By People

Aside from #1, everyone makes unfair judgements on these women, every single waking second of their lives.

They assume they must be “taken”, or difficult to connect with, high maintenance in a relationship, expensive to afford being around with, and in some cases, sleeping with the boss to get to where they are in their careers or life.

Some equate hot = dumb girl.

They assume that being a “hot girl” equals having a good life, usually.

The truth is… it’s usually harder, as there’s a lot of pressure to keep up a certain image, and to make it appear that she has her life in order. Because the flip side of it is that she’s an emotional wreck who’s crazy and full of drama.

But isn’t being human about being and feeling emotions?

What Are These Hot Girls Really Made Of?

They are simply humans.

Mortals, like you and I.

Basic needs?

Eat, crap, sleep, sexual desires.

Need love, attention, validation, approval, and feeling that they contribute.

Has bills to pay, also susceptible to illness and diseases, has emotional ups and downs.

Worries about life and things that matter to them, e.g. family members, education, future plans, etc.

Everyone feels this way, no matter what you do, what background you come from, how much money you make, etc.

They don’t seek to be goddesses that need worshipping, and even less of being placed on altars and pedestals and not treated like a human.

Those who like that… need to recalibrate their own beliefs and reflect on the meaning of life on a deeper level.

So how different are they from you at the basic human level?

Look Past The Cosmetics

Judged by the Amazonians and other “backward” tribes or cultures… these modern-day “hot chicks” may be the ugliest lifeforms they have ever laid eyes on.

Fashion, cosmetics, good looks, are a result of a society’s culture and impression of what things are to be.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder.” ~ Some Wise Dude.

Here’s some light-hearted visuals to diffuse all the seriousness of the article:

Be human. Think human. Treat as human.

Let’s not overcomplicate the way life really should be.

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